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Dance Posters

Welcome to Releve’ where dance teachers elevate their students and their businesses with Interactive Art. Releve’ Dance Posters will make the walls in your studio come to life! Beautiful art and functional teaching tools — Releve’ posters are the perfect combination for your studio.

Do you realize, as a dance teacher, you do much more than just teach dance? You help to build self-awareness, positive attitudes, and self-confidence. Be sure to read Winning from the Inside Out, which appeared in the August edition of Dance Studio Life Magazine, to learn how you can use the power of positive psychology to help your students and differentiate your dance school.

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See all of the Releve´ products; “Position It Perfect” - Third Position ballet poster.

Dance posters by a dance teacher, for dance teachers.

“Are You Ready for Class” - jazz poster. “Studio Essentials” - Visitors Welcome poster. “Are You Ready for Class?” ballet poster. “Studio Essentials” - No Food Or Drink In The Studio poster.

Your Walls Talk

What are they saying about your dance business?

It's time to go back to dance class. Use Releve’ posters to make a great first impression.

When new students walk in what will they see? What does your studio say about you? Are you neat, contemporary, and tidy? Or a bit frazzled, dated, and unorganized?

Dance Studio Checklist:

  1. Cleanup and cut-out the clutter
  2. Wipe-up or paint your walls
  3. Hang new Releve’ dance posters in studio and waiting areas
  4. Polish up the floors
  5. Clean the rugs and the bathrooms
  6. Have a friend give you an honest site review. It always helps to have a fresh set of eyes check out your space.
  7. Sit in a chair in the waiting room. What are your parents looking at?

Make a great first impression and keep talking to your parents all year long with Studio Essentials and Are You Ready for Class? poster sets.

Watch your walls come to life with the Art of Instruction - Releve’.